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Search engine optimization is the most powerful part of owning an bidderssite.com Merchant Storefront. Once you have correctly set up your Store, it will show up on major search engines, such as Google, MSN and Yahoo! If your site is picked up by a search engine, you're selling to the entire online world.

There are two main areas of your Store where you can include keywords for the search engines: store name and the store description.

Store name: Use these 40 valuable characters for total search engine optimization. "Tom's Great Finds" is not as effective as "Terry's Jewelry, Art and Antiques," for example.

Description: Your 300-character description is a great place to bring in many SEO keywords for your Store.

That's just a glimpse of the power of bidderssite.com Merchant Storefronts Services. And remember when you list 15 or more items the storefront is free. Remember to have your logo ready before building your storefront.

How do I price my item?

That's a honest question. Some items prices can only be set by the owner. Others are driven by market demand. When the market demand grows to a value worth greater than the owner feels the item is worth, its at a premium. bidderssite.com wishes to make available the most resources available for guidance in market prices. We actively maintain a price guide section with links to specialty list, ranks, guides and experts in many many unique and interesting categories and niche items.

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Search Engine Optimization for your Storefront...

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