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BiddersSite.com User Price Guides Directory

We are always looking for valued links to unique specialty and niche sites to assist users in their item research or pricing. If you think you have a good suggestion for a link please submit it to us.

Action Figures
Action figures and super-hero price guides online.

From Bordens to the Pillsbury Doughboy, prices realized at auctions, book values and more.

Guides for general antiques include prices realized from various auctions as well as web sites for publications that also include price guide information.

Automotive, Motorcycle, RV and Marine
Coming Soon!

Bears and Beanies
Teddy Bear and Beanie Baby prices and resources

Toy Cars, Planes and Trains
Diecast car toys, model planes and Lionel Trains are a few of the links shown here with price guide information.

Cards, Trading Cards
Cigarette cards, victorian trading cards, Harry Potter, Pokemon and phone cards are a few of the guides listed here.

Comic Books, Comic Art
Includes online auctions for comic books, Disney comic art, Star Wars, as well as numerous sites for a variety of comic books.

Disney Classics, store displays, movie props are a few of the price guide links found here.

An assortment of links of value and prices guides for doll collectors.

Everything from Circus Posters to U2 price guide links! And Marilyn Monroe's famous dress auction price is shown too.

Antique Fishing Lures
Although this is not technically a price guide, it shows the prices the author is willing to pay for old fishing lures and boxes.

Olszewski, Pocket Dragons, Hummel, Harmony Kingdom are a few of the figure guides shown here. Also check out the Decorative Collectibles category for eBay's Top Tens, many figures are included in these lists.

The Hallmark Ornament Connection
A work in progress on Hallmark ornaments and collectibles.

Kentucky Derby Glasses
Price guides for Kentucky Derby glasses.

Lunch Boxes
Lunch box collectibles pricing information from several excellent sources.

Miscellaneous Guides
Everything from cereal boxes to Princess Diana memorabilia.

Postal Stamp Collections

Price guides online for PEZ collectibles.

Pottery, Porcelain
Miscellaneous price guides include Boehm, Gonder, Frankoma, as well as Roycroft Copper.

Sports Guides
Antique lures, bats and baseball cards are highlighted in these online pricing guides.

Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony and Care Bears
Price guides for these toys of the eighties -- that have also become the toys of today!

Links to Teapot prices online include prices realized at auctions.

Television Toys and Characters
We really needed the latest toy from our favorite TV shows, most of the time our parents didn't agree with us. Check out prices some of these treasures are worth today.

Tin and Vintage Toys
Antique and vintage tin toy price guides.

TIAS Top Tens
Not a price guide, but an interesting monthly list of the most popular items on TIAS and Antique Arts web sites.

Rare and Collectible Book Price Guide

Rare and Collectible Coins Price Guide

Carebears - Timeless Trinkets
Covers about 12 different categories of Care Bears.

Fisher Price Little People
A listing of Fisher Price toys by product number. Some items include suggested values.

Lunchbox Pad- Best of the Net
Excellent website, lots of good pictures, prices are broken down to both lunch box and values. Nice extra -- the Rarity Index.

Lone Ranger Collectibles
Strictly a text guide with descriptions of popular Lone Ranger items.

My Little Pony
Pricing Guide for ponies, playsets and accessories.

Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare Before Christmas collector does a great job of putting together a price and inventory guide.

Collecting Pez
An excellent site for resources and prices of Pez - including nice pictures.

Strawberry Shortcake - Mint Tulip's Garden Party
Lots of pictures and information, along with price estimates.

Strawberry Shortcake -- Timeless Trinkets
Dozens of prices and pictures.

My Pez QL Best of the Net
Pick a Pez from the list of categories and find out what prices it sold for. Well-done price guide with lots of research and work behind the prices. Clicking on 'More' will tell when prices were recorded and were they were verified

Simpson Collector Sector
Great Price guide with a neat feature. You can view the prices via the text table or click on a figure and bring up all the information on that particular item.

Smurfs Online
Smurf figures and molds, includes high and low prices. Pictures included.

Viewmaster Reel list
Listing of reels without prices.


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